NICU Parent Support


Sibling Retreat

A new baby is a big change for brothers and sisters. Feelings of fear, jealousy, and anxiety that often come with a new baby may be magnified if the new baby is premature or sick. Tubes, wires, machines, strangers surrounding baby, and the changes that they see in their parents can all be very scary for a child.

Sibling Retreat is an educational party for siblings of infants in the Newborn ICU. At Sibling Retreat parties children participate in arts and crafts, learn about the special care their babies receive, and have refreshments. Please sign up with the secretary at the front desk if you plan on attending. The class is for
children 3 and older and lasts 45 minutes. The schedule for Sibling Retreat will posted on the website calendar and in the parent lounge.



Car Seat Safety Class:

This class is taught by a NICU Nurse that is a trained Passenger Safety Technician. It is held in conjunction with a Parent Pizza Hour one time a month. This educational class includes all of the basic safety information that you need to know regarding your child’s car seat. Bring your car seat and she will answer any questions that you may have. She will also help you install your car seat after class. The Car Seat Safety Class is held in the NICU Classroom. Please see the posted website calendar for the schedule.


Parent Pizza Hour:





Come join us for an informal get together. Meet other Parents with a baby in the NICU and the NICU Parent Support Staff. Best of all, you don’t have to leave the 5th floor to find dinner. Held Tuesdays at 6:30pm in the NICU classroom. Dinner provided by Common Bonds and generously sponsored by Blackjack Pizza, Pizza Factory, Papa John’s Pizza.




Scrapbooking Class:

It’s free, fun, and easy! The pages are pre-designed and pre-cut. All you have to do is glue the layouts. Come sit down, have some fun, and take a break for a few minutes. The class is held on Thursdays between noon and 2:00pm in the NICU classroom. Each week we make 2 scrapbook pages. There is no need to bring pictures, the layouts are designed for you to add them later.